The Secret to Long Lasting Synthetic Turf

Yard in front of a home and garage made of synthetic grass

Do you want long-lasting synthetic turf that won’t tear or fade?

Below we outline the secret to resilient synthetic grass and discuss what separates shoddy synthetics from great grass!


Not all turf is created equal

Remember 80s turf? You know, that cheesy green plastic that turned a shade lighter each year. 

Back in the Dark Ages of turf construction, manufacturers used poor-quality carbon fibers to create the blades. Turf back then was severely limited by technology and design. 

Today’s turf uses powerful new technologies like high-carbon yarn and polyurethane backings. But that doesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty of cheap, breakable turf out there. In fact, a lot of synthetic lawns aren’t built to last.

So how do you tell the difference between shoddy synthetics and great grass?

The Secret to Long-Lasting Turf

Like so much else in life, the devil is in the details. 

Shoddy synthetics are made with low-grade yarn, resulting in an unrealistic product that falls apart over time. 

Yarn is the material used in synthetic grass blades. Today’s synthetic lawns are made mostly from carbon fiber plastic. Lesser grades of carbon fiber are more brittle and as a result can’t stand long exposure to the elements. Higher grades of carbon fiber, like C8, feature an extended carbon chain that offers better durability and heat resistance.

Understanding the Technology Behind Great Turf

DuraBlade yarn is two times stronger than other commonly used carbon fibers! Its unique molecular structure features an extended carbon chain — making synthetic turf blades tougher and more resilient! This helps protect turf from flattening and matting over time, keeping your yard green and gorgeous for years to come.

DuraBlade is softer and has a more natural complexion than C4 and C6 grass blades. This increase in quality helps boost curb appeal while creating a more comfortable living environment!


Where to find Durablade technology

Biltright Turf offers a variety of synthetic lawns to choose from, all of which are built with DuraBlade or other high-carbon yarns. 

To learn which synthetic is best for your project, book an appointment or call today!

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