Your Essential Guide to PFAS-Free Artificial Grass by Biltright Turf

In a recent blog post from Turf Distributors dated November 7, 2023, THEY dive into the prevailing misconceptions surrounding PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in artificial grass. This blog is your go-to resource to set the record straight and assure you of the safety of the products we offer and install here at Biltright Turf.

Here's what they covered:

1. Getting to Know PFAS:

  • PFAS, the so-called "forever chemicals," are human-made substances that may persist in the environment, raising potential health concerns.
  • At Turf Distributors, we want you to know that not all artificial grass contains PFAS.

2. Debunking Myths:

  • We debunk myths surrounding PFAS in artificial grass, highlighting the availability and durability of our PFAS-free options.
  • Your safety is our priority, and we address the risks associated with PFAS presence.

3. Our Safety Pledge:

  • We're committed to your safety. Our products are PFAS-free, and we make it easy for you to identify them with a dedicated badge on our website and materials.

4. Clearing up PFAS Legislation:

  • We provide clarity on California PFAS Legislation (AB 1423), ensuring transparency about regulatory efforts.

5. In Conclusion:

  • We reaffirm our dedication to delivering PFAS-free, safe artificial grass.
  • Got questions? We're here for you, assuring accuracy and inviting your inquiries about the safety of our products.

As an authorized distributor of Turf Distributors, Biltright Turf stands united in our commitment to providing high-quality and safe artificial grass. We exclusively offer Turf Distributors products because your safety matters. For more details, check out the full blog here. Feel free to reach out to Biltright Turf for any questions about our PFAS-free artificial grass products. Your safety is our priority, and we're here to help!


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