What to Look For In An Artificial Grass Installation Warranty

Make sure you get a turf lawn that lasts! 

When people compare warranties they’re first concern is usually the number of years that a product or service is covered. Sometimes, homeowners will choose an installer solely based on the length of their warranty, without considering what’s actually covered or the reputation of the company itself. But this one dimensional view of warranties could land you in hot water if something does go wrong.

Below we break down artificial grass installation warranties and guarantees. We tell you what to look for and why it matters. Let’s dive in!



Know You’re Covered

It’s better to have a warranty and not need it, than to not have a warranty and need it. But not just any warranty will do!

When it comes to artificial grass installation, it’s important to understand the difference between product and installation warranties. Product warranties guarantee the turf itself. It covers things like premature wear and product defects.

Installation warranties on the other hand covers things like separating seams or fraying edges. They ensure that your turf lawn not only looks good, but that it stays that way! A solid installation warranty speaks volumes to the skill and integrity of an installer. 


Top 5 guarantees to look for in an installation warranty

1. Seams are not visible

2. Seams will not separate

3. Base layer is covered

4. Edges will stay intact with normal use

5. $0 out of pocket for material replacement


Who will be around it to honor your warranty?

It’s easy to be dazzled when a fresh, young company tells you that they offer 100 year or lifetime warranties. But you have to ask yourself, if this company has only been around for six months, who’s going to honor your warranty when your artificial grass fails years from now. 

Twenty percent of businesses fail within the first two years of starting, and almost half fail in the first five years! 

This is why there’s value in choosing an experienced installer. Not only do they have the technical skills to install your turf correctly, they’ll also be around to fix it if something does go wrong!



Get Your Yard Built Right! 

Biltright Turf is an experienced installation company who’s been in business longer than our installation warranties! We have staying power.

What We Offer:

1. No visible seams guarantee

2. If seams separate over time, it’s on us to fix it!

3. The base of your lawn is covered

4. Edges will stay intact, even after years of normal use

5. We are the only installer who covers labor on material replacement


In addition to our installation warranty, Biltright offers up to 16-year product warranties on our turf lawns!


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