Choosing the Right Contractor for your Home Improvement Project

Choosing the RIGHT Contractor for your Home Improvement Project

Is his name Rick and does he have a cool truck? Yes? Great! That’s the right guy for the job! Don’t you wish it was that easy to make the decision on who you should hire for your project? While it may not seem easy to decide on the right contractor for your project, here are some great tips to help you qualify and pick the right contractor for your specific project. Whether a landscape project or a remodel project, these three tips will help you choose the right company/contractor for the job.

Researching licensed contractors for your home improvement projectLicensed Contractors – Don’t just take their word. Do the research!

This is a very simple process that all consumers have access to. You can do a simple search on the CSLB website using their California State Licence Board Number (CSLB#) and type it into the search bar. For example, CSLB# 1016328 will bring up Biltright Turf's CSLB number, license status, date the license was created, if that company claims to have workers comp insurance, and more. You want active license-holder contractors to perform your project because the CSLB holds contractors accountable to the laws of contracting. If your “contractor” in question does not have a clear standing with the CSLB, there is a good reason.


Insured Contractor – Ask for a Certificate of Insurance! 

This is also a very easy one to check. The contractor you're interviewing should have their Insurance certificate showing all their current policies, how much each policy covers, and the dates they are valid. Be sure to look at the date on the policy for each to ensure they are active.

Workers’ compensation is the main insurance you should be looking for. Many licensed contractors cut corners to save money here. As a result, they put every homeowner they work for at risk.

If one of their employees were injured on your property and the contractor doesn’t have workers' compensation insurance, the employee could sue the homeowner for medical costs. This is often overlooked by consumers but is one of the largest risks consumers are open to when hiring contractors. Do your homework and require your contractor to show you their insurance certificate. It’s an easy item to review for peace of mind.

Finding referrals and reviews for home improvement contractorsReferrals & Reviews for Contractors

Check web-based review platforms and ask others in your community what they have heard about the contractor’s company. 

If the contractor your considering using has a good reputation, they will be spoken of by others well. Ask some friends or family if they have heard anything about the company/contractor your considering. Look on yelp or other review websites to see what their customers say about them. If they are 4+ stars on a review website and have at least 35+ reviews, that’s a great starting point. Especially if you get good feedback from others, who have personally hired this contractor.

So there you have it: 3 tips on making the right choice for who you will hire for your next project.

There are numerous other items to help choose the right contractor, but these should be at the top of anyone’s list when interviewing a contractor. We hope this has been helpful and would love to get your feedback as well!

If you are truly interested in knowing more about how to choose the right contractor, we would love to take any questions at – Just mention “Picking the right contractor” in your email title, and we will get in touch!

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